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Wire Wrapped Crown

Here is a wire wrapped crown I made recently! It’s kind of small, so I’m planning on using it as a hair accessory.


Just a side note: I got an Instagram! It’s easier to post pictures there on my phone, so I will be posting there more often. You can follow me @inkedharmonie.



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I’m Back!

Hello, everyone. I haven’t been posting lately because I was working on my other blog that I mentioned earlier, but I’m back now!

Here is a little summery of all the things (successful or not) that I made for 7 days of design.

13 - 113 - 113 - 1

13 - 213 - 113 - 113 - 113 - 113 - 2day one 009stuff 1793

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7 Days of Design

Hi everyone! This will be a little different from my other posts.

I just wanted to let you know that I will be trying (key word “try”) to design my own jewelry, just to see how it will be if I force myself to sit down each day to make a piece without using a tutorial.

To find out more about this, visit me on my other blog created specifically for this adventure:

stuff 1793

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Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet

I recently received the packages of artistic wire jump rings I had ordered and decided to practice the byzantine chainmaille stitch. I love the natural copper color! The clasp is not the same color, but I think that just makes it stand out more so you can find the ends…or it could just be that I don’t have copper clasps. 🙂



I had actually tried making this weave before, but I did not realize at the time that it was incorrect. Here it is:

inkedharmonie and art 2 007

I think it still looks very interesting.


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High Contrast Project

This is yet another project from my drawing and design class. The assignment was to draw a face, a letter, and an object (not necessarily in that order) and paint or sharpie it with black. We also had to leave a 2 inch border along the edge. I am really happy with how this turned out because I did not look on the Internet to steal inspiration from other people (not that that is bad, it’s just that coming up with an idea by myself made me extra satisfied with this). I had recently been doodling a lot of side profile faces, so that’s what I put in the “M”. I outlined the drawing in sharpie first, then painted it with black acrylic paint. It was hard getting the small spaces.

Thumbnail sketches:

003 007

Sharpie Outlining:




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Phone Case/ Decorative Cover

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted recently. I just got a new phone in the past week and here is a decorative cover I made for it about a month prior. I again, followed beadifulnight’s tutorial on Youtube and it is quite simple. As you can see, towards the top, the bicones are blue because I ran out of black ones! In case you were wondering, the phone is a black Samsung Galaxy SIII. I think that the cover contrasts very well with the phone. I probably won’t be using it too much in the future though, as it doesn’t protect and I am planning to get a case so it’s might not fit later either.

010 011

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December 6, 2013 · 4:51 am

Hugs and Kisses Bracelets

These bracelets were made following a tutorial by beadifulnights on Youtube. She is amazing. Here is a link to her channel: I recently made two of the hugs and kisses bracelet. The green one is made of bicones instead of round beads for the biggest bead. As shown in the picture below, even before I added the seed bead XOXO’s it still looks very pretty.

bracelets and ih stuff NOV19 011 Here is a closeup of both bracelets: ( the background on the top picture is a pineapple :))

bracelets and ih stuff NOV19 018 bracelets and ih stuff NOV19 019

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